thascalos (thascalos) wrote in bluesuit_fic,

FIC: Heartline Roll (chapter 3/7)

Title: Heartline Roll (3/7)
Author: Thascalos
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters/Pairings: Ten/Master/Duplicate Ten
Rating: Adult
Warnings/Contains: Explicit sex, violent imagery, voyeurism, humor, gratuitous juggling, a disco space buffalo
Summary: The Doctor, the Master, and the Doctor's human clone go to a space carnival. The Master wonders what he could ever have possibly done to deserve such a fate.

(The Doctor was also gazing out at the carnival spreading out beneath them, a pensive cast to his features. Thinking of his little freak, no doubt, with its horrible dead eyes and its compulsion to always be touching, touching, touching -- touching the Master's face, his shoulders, his chest; grabbing his throat and coldly beating his head against a metal-plated floor, kissing him softly and promising terrible things....")

As always, comments and whatnots are much appreciated!
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