thascalos (thascalos) wrote in bluesuit_fic,

FIC: Heartline Roll (chapter 2/7)

Title: Heartline Roll (2/7)
Author: Thascalos
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters/Pairings: Ten/Master/Duplicate Ten
Rating: Adult
Warnings/Contains: Explicit sex, violent imagery, voyeurism, humor, gratuitous juggling, a disco space buffalo
Summary: The Doctor, the Master, and the Doctor's human clone go to a space carnival. The Master wonders what he could ever have possibly done to deserve such a fate.

(The psychokinetic restraints were set so that he literally couldn't do anything that he thought might actually hurt someone. The Doctor had demonstrated that quite effectively on the TARDIS, when he'd first put them on the Master and then said, "Now, try to slap me in the face.")

As always, feedback and criticism are much appreciated!
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